Create Your Dream Wedding

Creating your dream wedding is no easy task, but you don’t actually have to invest hundreds – sometimes thousands – of dollars in a professional wedding planner. Thousands of women (and men) throughout Australia successfully plan \beautiful weddings do-it-yourself style. Although it may seem like this method will cause a lot of stress and take a lot of time, this is not always the case. With plenty of time to organise the event, along with friends and family who are happy to help out, DIY weddings can actually be a fun and exciting time for everyone involved.

The key point in planning your own wedding is to make sure you have plenty of time. In an industry like weddings, everything gets booked up well in advance (especially the wedding venue). If your wedding date is in only a few months, you may find that organising everything in this short amount of time to be quite stressful. If you have 12 months (or ideally, longer), you have plenty of time to dedicate to each and every single aspect of your wedding.

DIY Weddings

Getting the help you need

If you’ve decided to go ahead with your own DIY wedding, it’s important that you have help. Although it can be organized and planned alone, it will definitely take a load of stress off of you to have someone assisting you through (here’s some more tips to be stress free before your wedding).

There’s likely to be a lot of people in your life who are more than happy to help you through this time. Your bridesmaids, mother/in law, friends and fiance are only some of these people!

Just make sure you get people to help who you know are reliable and trustworthy, otherwise that can be a new stress in itself!

Making a list and checking it twice

In order to create your dream wedding, you need to be sufficiently prepared and ‘in the know’ at all times. One of the things that can greatly help with this is to have a checklist for each and every aspect of your wedding. Here are a few examples of these lists:

There are plenty more checklists available online, just do a simple google search and you’ll find an extensive list of checklists.

Dream Wedding

Research, research, research!

One of the biggest mistakes a bride can do is to go with the first company, product or service she sees. It’s likely that whoever sells it to you will be pushing the sale, and may even offer extra incentives for locking it in straight away – but it’s important not to get sucked in to this!

Doing your research on each and every aspect of your wedding is crucial. From the wedding dress to the entertainment and everything in between, it’s highly important to look into the company you are purchasing off beforehand to see how reputable they are. Seek out customer reviews and testimonials, and get contact details for the reviewers if you can to have a talk about the service or product they received.